Point Judith Kelp Company
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our mission

Point Judith Kelp Company brings fresh kelp and other nutrient-rich, eco-friendly specialty seaweeds straight from the salty waters of the Ocean State to your dinner plate.

We ALSO create SEAWEED-based products for our health-conscious customers, including top-quality skincare products, dog food, and plant food. 

experience the healing powers of seaweed and support Rhode Island’s local coastal economy with Point Judith Kelp Company products.



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Our Products

Kelp and other sea vegetables are popular foods, nutritional supplements, and cosmetic additives in many parts of the world. Although the farming and use of seaweeds has a long history on the New England coast, many are only now recognizing the unique nutritional and health values of seaweeds. Find Point Judith Kelp Company's skin-healing oils, protective plant food, and nutrient-rich, local, dried seaweeds at Belmont Market in Wakefield, RI and at the South Kingstown Farmers Market.


Our Company

Captain David Blaney founded Point Judith Kelp Company in 2015 with the mission of growing and harvesting specialty seaweeds – thereby bringing a slice of the more-than-$7 billion sea vegetable industry to the Ocean State. The Company has harvested and sold seaweeds like sea lettuce, Irish moss and sugar kelp since its inception and was granted the final permits in May 2016 to plant Rhode Island’s first dedicated kelp farm – 2.75 acres off the coast of Point Judith. The first crop of sugar kelp was planted in the winter of 2016.


Find Point Judith Kelp Company specialty seaweeds and seaweed products at Belmont Market in South Kingstown.

Address: 600 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, RI 02879

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